UAE Dirham Unknown Facts You Should Know 2021

UAE Currency Facts 2021

Currency is an symbol for an country, There are many currencies in the world like Rupee, Dollar, Pound. So today we are going to see about UAE Currency and its details.

The United Arab Emirates Currency is UAE Dirham and it simply known as Emirati Dirham and it is abbreviated as AED while other abbreviations include DH or Dhs. The Dirham is subdivided into 100 fils.

History of Dirham

The History of Dirham says it is an Arabic Word, Due to centuries of trade and usage of the currency during the Ottoman Empire. In the year 1966, The Emirates used the gulf rupee which was parity to the Indian Rupee. Then the India Decided to devalue the Gulf Rupee, Because of the devaluation, Many states have adopted their own currencies. In 1972, the UAE adopted the UAE Dirham as its currency.

Dirham Coins List 2021

As you have seen the history of the Dirham Above, In the same year 1973 itself, Coins were introduced as Denominations of 1, 5, 10, 25, 50 fils and 1 dirham. The 1, 5 and 10 fils are made of bronze and the higher denominations are made with Cupro-Nickel.

The Value and number on the coins are written in Eastern Arabic Numerals and the text is Arabic. The 1, 5, and 10 fils are rounded up or down to the nearest multiples of 25 fils.

Here are the Descriptions of the Coins.

  • The 25 Fils looks Circular in Shape and in the front it has A Gazelle Facing Left, With Hijri and Gregorian year of mint below and at the back it has lettering in Arabic and below that ‘ To’ and at the bottom UNITED ARAB Emirates.
  • The 50 Fils looks Heptagon in shape and in the front it has Three Oil Derricks, with Hijri and Gregorian year of Mint Below and at the back it has the same thing like 25 Fils has.
  • The 1 Dirham coin is in circular shape and it has A Dallah with Hijri and Gregorian year of mint below with the same lettering and details like 25 fils and 50 fils.

Dirham Banknotes 2021

In 1973, The UAE Currency board has introduced notes of 1, 5, 10, 20, and 100 Dirhams. In 1976, the 1000 Dirham note was issued. In 1983, 500 Dirham notes and in 1989 200 Dirham notes were introduced.

Here are the observations of the notes.

5 Dirhams is Brown in color and at the front it has Sharjah Central Souq also known as Isalmic Souq, or the central market and the back it has Imam Salem Al Mutawa Mosque which was formerly known as Al Jamma Mosque in Sharjah.

  • 10 Dirhams is Green in Color and at the front it has A Khanjar and at the back it has A Pilot Farm.
  • 20 Dirhams is Blue in Color and at the front it has Front Face of the Dubai Creek Golf and Yacht Club and at the back it has Traditional Trading Dhow.
  • 50 Dirhams is in Light Brown color and at the front it has an Oryx and at the back it has Al Jahili Fort, A Pre-islamic fort in Al Ain.
  • 100 Dirhams is in Pink Color and at the front it has Al Fahidi Fort and at the back it has Dubai World Trade Centre Building.
  • 200 Dirhams is in Dark Yellow Color and at the front it has the Zayed Sports City stadium and the Sharia Court Building and the back it has the Central bank of the UAE building in Abu Dhabi.
  • 500 Dirhams is in Sky Blue color with Saker Falcon at the front and the back it has the Jumeirah Mosque.
  • 1000 Dirhams is in Brown Color with Qasr Al-Hosn in front and at the back it has the view of Abu Dhabi Skyline.

Exchange Rate of AED in INR, USD for the last one month, i.e October 2021.

October 11th, 202120.520.2722
October 12th20.540.2722
October 13th20.500.2722
October 14th20.410.2722
October 15th20.420.2722
October 18th,20.470.2722
October 19th20.440.2722
October 20th20.360.2722
October 21st20.380.2722
October 22nd20.420.2722
October 25th20.420.2722
October 26th20.400.2722
October 27th20.430.2722
October 28th20.360.2722
October 29th20.390.2722
November 1st20.370.2722
November 2nd20.330.2722
November 3rd20.270.2722
November 4th20.290.2722
November 5th20.190.2722
November 7th20.200.2722
November 8th20.170.2723

How to exchange UAE Money in India?

There are many ways to exchange the money in India.

The first method is you can approach an RBI approved money changer holding and for the UAE money you can go Unimoni which is formerly called UAE Exchange. The procedure is simple Go to the store, Initiate buy or sell transaction, Produce the required documents, Get the currency exchanged.

The Second method is Exchange Foreign Currency at the Airport. There are currency exchange counters at airports around the world, and they will help you out to do transactions but everything inside an airport is bit costly. If you don’t have any other option, Then you can choose Airport.

Remember you have to show your documents like Indian Passport, Confirmed Air Ticket, PAN Card, Valid Visa for buying and as for selling you need to produce Indian Passport, Voter ID, Aadhar Card, PAN Card, Driving License as well.

The third method is you can go to the Indian Banks like SBI and ask for the exchange rate of the foreign currency. The Service fees will be charged at the bank.

So these are all the details of UAE Currency and its details. We will get back to you with more updates.

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