How to renew student Nol Card? 2023

How To Renew Student Nol Card?

A student Nol Card is a contactless smart card used for transportation in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. It is issued by the Roads and transports authority(RTA) and is designed specifically for students. The card provides discounted fares on all the RTA Public transportation, including buses, metro, and water transport

Benefits of Student Nol Card

  • Discounted fares on all RTA Public transportation.
  • Convenience of a contactless smart card for easy and quick payment.
  • Ability to recharge the card online or at various outlets
  • Access to exclusive promotions and offers from RTA partners
  • Tracking of usage and expenses through online account management
  • Reduction in the need for cash and paper tickets
  • Peace of mind with lost or stolen card protection

How To Renew Student Nol Card?

  • Visit the official website of RTA in Dubai.
  • Click on the “ Nol Card” tab and select “ Nol Card for students”
  • Choose the option for card renewal and enter the required details
  • Pay the renewal fee online using a credit or debit card.
  • Once the payment is processed, the renewal card will be sent to the address provided during the application process.

You can also visit an RTA customer service center or any authorized sales outlet to renew your student Nol Card.
1. How long is student Nol Card Valid?
The Student Nol Card is valid for 5 years. There are various cards in students Nol Card as well.
2. Is Nol Card free for students?
The service is free for children below 5 years. Above that the 50% discount will be given on public transport fares.
3. Is there a student Nol Card in Dubai?
Yes, there is a student Nol Card in Dubai.
4. How to get student discount in Metro?
For students who use public transportation in Dubai you need to apply for a blue Nol Card issued by the RTA.
5. Can students get credit card in UAE?
Yes, the students can get credit card that is Student credit card and you will need to be aged 18 or over for that.

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