Best Ways To Become A Millionaire In UAE 2021

10 Ways to become a lucky millionaire in the UAE 2021

Everyone wants to earn money and if someone says that there is a way to become a millionaire just by luck. Who wouldn’t run after it right. There are many jackpots, Lotteries and other ways to get the money. So today we are going to see some ways to become a lucky millionaire in the UAE.

There are some jackpots in UAE and the largest cash prize in the UAE is currently Dh50 Million. We are going to guide you about some popular jackpots in the UAE and how can you get them.

10 Ways to win cash prizes in the UAE :

1.Mahzooz Draw(Dh 50 Million)

2.Big Ticket Abu Dhabi Duty Free Draw(Dh 15Million)

3.Dubai Duty Free Millennium Millionaire Draw (Dh 3.67Million)

4.ADIB Ghina Savings Draw(Dhiram 3 Million grand prize plus monthly prizes)

5.ADCB Millionaire savings accounts(Dhiram 1 Million Grand Prize plus monthly prizes)

6.Kunooz Savings Account(Grand Prizes of Dhiram 1Million, a Tesla or Dh 200,000)

7.Al Awaal Savings Certificate(Dhiram 1Millon Grand Prize Plus Monthly Prizes)

8.Mashreq Millionaire(Dhiram 1Million Grand Prize, Plus monthly Prizes)

9.National Bonds reward Programme(Two Dhiram 1 Million Grand Prizes, Plus Montly Prizes)

10.Mabrook Savings Account(Dhiram 1 Million Grand Prize, Plus Quarterly Prizes)

Let’s see them in detail :-

1. Mahzooz Draw

Prize Money: Dh50Million

About the Draw: This is an UAE’s official lottery draw which takes place every Saturday and it is live streamed on its website from 9PM. The entry price for each game is Dh35. The participants who match six numbers share a cash prize of at least Dh 50 Million.

Winners who match five numbers share a cash prize of Dh1Million. The share might increase depending on how many players are there. Winners who match four numbers earn a cash prize of Dh1,000. Players who have three numbers receive Dh35 or a free play.

The draw was introduced to UAE audiences in April last year but it was postponed and it returned after a four month hiatus.

How to participate ?

The participants can register on or from the application which will be available soon on iOS and Android as well.

2.Big Ticket Abu Dhabi Duty Free

Prize Money: Dh 15Million.

About the Promotion: This is an monthly draw contest that first started in 1992 with a Dh1m cash prize. Big Ticket is offering a prize of Dh15m, But the prize varies throughout the year. Sometimes there is also a draw for Dream Cars such as Jaguar, Corvette, Ford Mustang and Mini Cooper

How to Participate: To participate in this draw you buy tickets which cost Dh500 each. If you buy two tickets, You will get one free. Tickets can also be bought online at or you can buy them at Abu Dhabi International Airport, Al Ain Duty Free and Abu Dhabi City Terminal. The Promotion begins from the first day of the month until 11:59pm on the last day of the month.

3.Dubai Duty Free Millennium Millionaire

Prize Money: Dh3.67 Million.

About the Promotion: Dubai Duty Free Millennium Millionaire was launched in the year 1999, It is a promotion with 5,000 tickets and the draw takes place every two to three weeks. Seven winners will won twice, Dubai Duty Free also has some surprise draws for luxury cars such as Mercedes, BMW or Range Rover and some motorcycles as well.

How to participate: The tickets for Millennium Millionaire is Dh1,000 each. For Finest Surprise cars, tickets it is Dh500 and it is limited to 1,300 or 2,300 for some high end cars like Bentley, McLaren or Aston Martin. For Motorbike Tickets it is Dh100 and max upto 1,000 in each series. Tickets can be purchased online at or at Dubai Duty Free at Dubai International Airport and Al Maktoum International Airport.

4.ADIB Ghina Savings

Prize Money: Dh3Million prize for every four months. Ten winners of Dh10,000 each on a monthly basis.

How to participate: To participate in this one, You have to open a ghina account through Abu Dhabi Islamic Bank with a minimum of Dh20,000 to get a welcome draw entry. For every Dh20,000 in savings,

You will get an extra draw coupon. For balances, which exceeds over Dh250,000 for a full calendar month, The participants will get an extra draw coupon for every four coupons. The Account holder should definitely have at least four coupons to enter the grand prize draw. For an account, A Maximum of 1,000 entries are allowed.

5.ADCB Millionaire Savings Accounts

Prize Money: You can win  Dh1 Million as a grand prize and 10 prizes of Dh10,000 and 100 prizes of Dh5,000 on a monthly basis for the Millionaire Destiny Savings Account.

This is specially for the UAE nationals, and the Emirati Millionaire Savings Account offers a Dh1Million grand prize twice a year and lastly Dh250,000 prize monthly and Dh10,000 prize every weekday.

How to participate: first you need to apply for the account through Abu Dhabi Commercial Bank and for that you need to maintain an average monthly balance of Dh5,000 to enter the prize draws. If you save Dh1,000 you will receive another chance in the draw.

The account also includes a debit card with instant access to your money with no lock-in-period and no penalty for withdrawals as well.

6.Kunooz Savings Account

Prize Money: You can win Dh1million, A Tesla or Dh200,000 grand prizes monthly. There are also give daily prizes of Dh3,000 each.

How to Participate: To participate in this contest, The customers must have an Kunooz Savings account with Emirates Islamic Bank and they should have an minimum balance of Dh3,000. And if they save Dh5,000 in an account, They will receive one chance for the monthly grand prize. If they save Dh1,000, They will receive one chance for the daily cash prizes.

7.Al Awwal Savings Certificate

Prize Money: In this contest you can win Dh1Million for every two months and there is also a prize of Dh100,000 monthly and 2,100 prizes from Dh100 to Dh1,000

How to participate: In this contest, The certificates must be purchased in denominations of Dh100, Dh200, Dh500 at Union National bank branches. There will be no extra fees for this, But there is a 2% penalty to cash in the certificates before the lock-in-period.

The Minimum investment amount is Dh20,000 to participate. For the Dh100,000 prizes, The minimum eligibility is Dh5,000 and for the other prizes like Dh1,000 and Dh100 require a minimum of Dh1,000.

The other benefit is you can start earning interest of 0.1% once your collection exceeds Dh30,000 for the month. But there is an exception which is you wont be paid any interest if you cash in your certificates during the first six months. The winners will be randomly picked by a computerized system.

8.Mashreq Millionaire

Prize Money: You can win Dh1Million grand prize which is drawn every calendar quarter. You can win Dh5,000 each and 50 Prizes of Dh1,000 each on a monthly basis as well.

How to participate: For Each Mashreq Millionaire certificate, It costs Dh1,000 and it can be encashed in part or full at any time. No interest will be given to you. For purchasing the certificates at any Mashreq branch, You don’t have to be an Mashreq customer. The existing customers have the additional facility to buy the certificates online.

For every transaction, You can buy a minimum of five certificates. The draw will be conducted officially from the Department of Economic Development.

9.National Bonds Reward Programme

Prize Money: You can win Dh1Million every quarter for one UAE national and one expatriate or non-resident. Two people can win Dh100,000 each in bonds and 19 people win Dh10,000 each in bonds on a monthly basis.

The other option is you can win Dh50 each month, and if you are lucky you could be one of the 40,000. Some of the contests are also for women and minors.

How to participate: To participate in this, You have to purchase bonds online, or by calling them or you can visit one of the nationwide outlets which includes exchange houses and banks. The minimum required purchase of National bonds is Dh100.

The reward programme is open to the people who are savers and who open a myplan account as well as single transaction savers. By this customers will get more chances with long monthly saving plans.

They can double, triple, quadruple their chances with 12,24,36 month plans. For single subscription bonds, the chances increase with the amount.

For the Dh1million prize, Customers must have a minimum balance of Dh25,000 of holdings. The customers who have minimum balance of Dh100,000 double their chances and for the Dh250,000 holders they can triple their chances.

10.Mabrook Savings Account

Prize Money: You can win Dh1Million every year and Dh100,000 on a quarterly basis.

How to participate: You must have an account with commercial bank international and should maintain a minimum balance of Dh10,000. Customers will be eligible for an extra prize draw entry for every Dh500 in their accounts.

These accounts include a free international debit card and free life insurance, and they can earn interest of 01. Percent per year which is paid Semi-Annually.

So these are the best ways to become a lucky millionaire in the UAE. If there is any update regarding this, We will get back to you.

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