United Arab Emirates Education System Full Details 2021

UAE Education System 2021

Education is one of the important prospects of our life, Education gives us a way to settle down in our lives. So there are many education systems out there and today we are going to see about the UAE Education System. Let’s begin.

The Education in the UAE has begun after the establishment of the federation with the beginning of the first university Al Ain, Abu Dhabi, UAE University.

After that the country has progressed gradually by introducing modern programs and they have also included women’s share in education and by that it improved the Youth’s education and literacy rate has gone up gradually. The Overall Literacy rate in UAE right now is approximately 90%. So we are going to see the different branches of UAE Education System now.

1) Basic education

The Basic Education in UAE defines the index as One of the three indices on which the human development index is built. This is completely based on the adult literacy rate and the gross enrollment ratio for primary, secondary, and tertiary schools. The UAE has made regionally significant achievements in ensuring women being allowed to education. This improves and promotes Gender Equality and Empowering Women as well.

The Women participation in Education has increased a lot when compared to the last few years.

2) Secondary Education

The Secondary stage of education last three years with the first year students follow a designed syllabus, They specialize in Science or literature. At the end, The Students obtain the Certificate of general Secondary Education.

The Subjects included in the Year One are Islamic Education, English Language, Arabic Language, History, Maths, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, computer science and Family Education for girls.

Year two includes the same subjects as above with more depth included in it. In this year students can choose to join either the science or literature.

Year three has more number of subjects. Literary Students are taught logic, psychology, philosophical subjects as well.

3) International Education

In the year 2015, The International schools consultancy has given 507 International schools and it includes the curriculum of pre-school, primary school, secondary school. The UAE’s higher education has been increasing year by year.

And there are number of institutions in the UAE and they are currently three stated funded universities and more than 50 Private Institutions. The Government institutions are highly competitive for International Students, While the private ones are open to all.

Learning Arabic is not necessary, Even the English programs are available here. There are ample scholarship opportunities for International Students and there is also opportunity for getting a part time job while having a student visa.

D) Higher Education

Higher Education in UAE is one of the best, It has a wide range of university both government and private and UAE has established itself wonderfully in terms of higher education. The Ministry of Education has established the commission for academic accreditation to conduct a program of licensure of institutions of higher education.

The Mission of the Ministry is to Promote Educational Excellence across diverse institutions in the UAE and achieve a level of excellence. So that the students, families can be confident that licensed institutions provide higher quality of higher education they deserve

The Higher Education in UAE is divided into three categories: Public, Private, Global Partnerships.

As mentioned above, the competition in the Public Universities is very high but almost everyone can get into the Private Institutions.

E) Technical and Special Education

The UAE has introduced some technical educational centers like Higher Colleges of Technology’s Center of Excellence for Applied Research and Training and it offers technology programs

Also UAE signed the UN Convention on the persons who are dealing with Disabilities, and the Abu Dhabi has partnered with Massachusetts New England Center for Children and this center is specialized in handling and assisting autistic children. This is a great step taken by the UAE to help with the people with disabilities to get some education.

So these are all the details about UAE Education System, As mentioned above UAE has grown up gradually in the Educational Sector and it is one of the best places to get higher education with some wonderful facilities and scholarships available for you as wel. So if you are planning to go to UAE for higher studies, Don’t back out at all.

We will get back to you with more info regarding this.

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