How To Recharge Nol Card 2023

Nol Card Recharge

Nol Card is a smart card that is used for public transportation in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. Here are some of the ways to Recharge your Nol Card.

  • Nol Online: You can recharge your Nol Card online by visiting the Nol website or through the RTA Dubai app. You will need to create an account and link your Nol Card to the account. Once it is inked, you can recharge your card using a credit or debit card.
  • Nol Self-Service Kiosks: Nol Self-Service kiosks are available at many metro stations, bus stations, and other public locations. You can use kiosks to recharge your Nol Card using cash or a credit/debit card.
  • Nol Authorized Agents: There are many authorized agents across Dubai that allow you to recharge your Nol Card using cash. You can find a list of authorized agents on the Nol website.
  • Auto top-up: You can also set up auto top-up for your Nol Card. This feature automatically recharges your card when the balance falls below a certain amount. You can set up auto top-up online or through the RTA Dubai app.

If you have recharged your Nol Card but the balance is not showing, there could be a few reasons for this:

  • Delayed Update: Sometimes there could be a delay in updating the balance on your Nol Card. This could be due to the technical issues or system updates. In such cases, the balance will eventually updated on your Nol Card
  • Recharge not successful: It is possible that the recharge transaction did not complete successfully. This could happen due to a technical error or connectivity issues.
    Incorrect Nol Card number: If you have entered the wrong Nol Card number while recharging, the balance will not be updated on your card. Make sure that you have entered the
  • correct Nol Card number before completing the transaction.
  • Faulty Nol Card: In rare cases, the Nol Card itself may be faulty or damaged, and the balance may not update even after a successful recharge. In such cases, you need to contact the Nol Customer care center and report the issue

1. How long does it take to recharge Nol Card Online?
Instantly you can recharge Nol Card Online. It doesn’t take much time at all.
2. How do I reflect my Nol Card Balance?
You can visit any Nol Card Reader, and Check the Balance. Or you can check on Nol Online, Self Service Kiosks, and Nol Customer Care Center.
3. What does pending credit mean in Nol?
Pending credit on a Nol Card refers to a recharge or top-up transaction that has been initiated but is still process by the payment system.
4. Can Nol Card be refunded?
Yes, A Nol Card can be refunded. It may vary depending on the type of Nol Card you are using.
5. Can I Check Balance on Nol Card Online?
Yes you can check balance on Nol Card Online quite easily.

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