How To Redeem Nol Plus Points?2023

How To Redeem Nol Plus Points?

Nol Loyalty Programme is a rewards scheme for users for Nol, Dubai’s smart card for public transportation. The program allows users to accumulate points for using the card and redeem them for discounts on future journeys or at participating retail outlets. Members can also earn bonus through promotions and events.

How To Get Nol Plus Points

Nol Plus Points can be earned through the Nol Loyalty Programme by using Nol. Users can earn points for every trip taken using the car. The number of points earned depends on the distance traveled and the fare category of the journey. Users can also earn additional points by upgrading to higher tiers of the loyalty program such as Silver and gold.

How To Use Nol Plus Points

To use the points for the transportation discounts, users need to log in to their Nol account on the official website or mobile app, select the “ Redeem points” option, and follow the instructions to redeem their points for a discount voucher. The voucher can then be applied to the cost of a future journey when topping up the Nol Card.

How To Redeem The Nol Plus Points

  • Log into their Nol Account on the official website or mobile app
  • Select the “ Redeem Points” option.
  • Choose the amount of points to be redeemed and select “ Generate Voucher.:”
  • Receive the voucher code and add it to their Nol Card when topping up the card balance.
  • The discount will be automatically applied.

FAQ :-

1. How do I Use Nol Plus?
You can use Nol Plus Points on various aspects on your next journey, next transaction, and other things as well.
2. How much is 50000 reward points worth?
If they are redeemed for transportation discounts then it is AED 50,000. If it is redeemed for retail discounts then it can be AED 12,500 or AED 25,000.
3. How do I convert points to cash?
It cannot be directly converted into cash. If you have a large number of points and you want to get cash instead, you can selling your Nol Card to someone who is interested in earning the points. But selling is not allowed by terms and conditions and it can be illegal.
4. Does Carrefour accept Nol Card?
All supermarkets including Carrefour accepts Nol Card payments.
5. How much is 20,000 points worth?
If it is redeemed for transportation discounts then it s AED 25,000. If it used for retail discounts then it can be AED 6,250 or AED 12,5000.

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