Kuwait Traffic Rules And Regulations 2022

New Traffic Rules In Kuwait 2022 : Traffic Rules and Regulations are very important in every country. While driving, the driver had to make sure that there are following these rules and regulations. Otherwise they can be in trouble. Sometimes they can be fined, or sometimes jail punishment can also be given. So it is quite necessary to know the traffic rules before you step onto the road with your vehicle.

Just like every other country, Kuwait has also a specific set of traffic rules and regulations. This can be useful for the foreigners who are visiting on Kuwait for a business or a trip. If a foreigner wants to drive a vehicle in Kuwait, First they have to get international driving permit until their visa expires.

New Traffic Rules In Kuwait 2022 Everyone Must Know

For the local’s, they must apply for the driving license. To get the license, the driver should definitely be the legal resident of Kuwait. Now let’s see the traffic rules and regulations in Kuwait.

  • Driving on the right side of the road is must
  • The Drivers and the passengers in front seats definitely should wear seat belts
  • The minimum age for driving in Kuwait is 18 years and above
  • Children under 10 years are not permitted to sit in front seats
  • The turn to right is not permitted unless there is a special lane
  • Driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs is not permitted. The legal blood alcohol level is 0.0%.
  • The vehicle has to stop fully when entering a roundabout.
  • Talking on the mobile or texting while driving is not at all permitted
  • Third Party Vehicle insurance is definitely a must.
  • If a lady is driving the vehicle, Its not necessary to wear veils to cover their faces.
  • The drivers should definitely follow the speed limit. On the highways it is 120Km/hour, In Urban areas it is 45 Km/hour. The minimum speed limit on some roads is 50Km-70Km/hour.
  • If the driver is involved in an accident, He must call the emergency number and inform the police and should remain at the scene until the police arrives. Even though there is no fault of the driver, he should be there and explain himself to the Police. If the driver isn’t present at the scene then involvement in an accident can lead to arrest and temporary incarceration.
  • Parking is only permitted in some areas, Parking is not permitted in places where the curb is painted with black and yellow.
  • To monitor every traffic regulation, Digital cameras are placed across Kuwait.
  • If the police stops and ask you about the driver license, You must definitely show it.
  • Traffic violations can sometimes result in the deportation of a foreigner.
  • If the driver is caught in drunk and drive case, The punishment can be severe which is spending one year in prison.
  • There are two types of monetary penalties in Kuwait and they are settlement and court fines. In Settlement fines, The driver can pay the fine without going to the court. But they have to pay within 30 days of committing the offense. If the time limit is exceeded, then the driver will be fined with minimum court fine.
  • To rent a car in Kuwait, A driver must be at least 21 years old and should have a legal driver license for one year.

Kuwait traffic rules and regulations 2022

So these are all the New Traffic Rules In Kuwait 2022. The rules are very strict and they have to be followed at any cost. If someone tries to break the rule, They either end paying fine or in prison. Anyone of this can happen to the driver. Always carry your driving license while on the road. As you can see how strict the rules are, Even if you have a proper license and you forget to carry it with you.

If You Want Complete Details For New Traffic Rules In Kuwait in 2022 Click below link and download PDF file.


If a police officer stops you and asks you for the ID, If it is missing. Until the license is shown on your behalf, You are put into custody by authorities. So follow all the traffic rules and regulations properly. If you follow the rules properly there will be no worry of paying the fines at all.

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