Eid Ul-Fitr 2021 In United Arab Emirates

Eid Ul Fitr 2021 : Eid Ul-Fitr literally means breaking of fast. This festival is observed when the crescent moon appears on the first day of the Shawaal in the Islamic calendar. It is marked as the end of Ramadan, which is a sacred month for Muslims. It is a popular festival observed across the world by Muslims. Eid Ul-Fitr is one of the two most significant festivals in the Islamic calendar.

Muslims mobilize at Mosques to offer prayers. After offering Morning Prayer, Muslims exchange presentations and gifts. This festival lasts for around 2-3 days. Muslims observe fasting during Ramadan month. The date of the festival varies from region to region as the crescent appears in different parts of the world. 

Islam Muhammad Role In Eid Ul Fitr | When Was The First Revelation Of Quran ?

Muslims believe that the messenger of God Prophet Muhammad received the revelation of the sacred Quran during the holy month of Ramadan. Muslims across the globe offer their prayers to Allah for imparting them with might and tolerance during the month of Ramadan or Ramzan.

Festival celebrations start with Chand Raat in the evening before the day of Eid. Worshipers wake up early before sunrise to offer prayers or Salat-ul-Fajr. Post breakfast, they submit prayers at Masjids. It’s restricted to fast on Eid.

People on eve of the festival wear new clothes, visit and invite relatives, friends, and greet each other by saying, Eid Mubarak. The delicious and traditional desserts, sweets are prepared and distributed on this festive day. This festival is also called Meethi Eid.

Zakat or donation is one of the five pillars of Islam. This festival suggests Muslims be charitable and emphasizes the significance of charity. It’s mandatory to donate to the poor and destitute people. This festival is continued for three days.

It’s believed that those who devote themselves to God will be bestowed with peace, harmony, prosperity. Eid Ul-Fitr is confirmed and announced by community heads after the crescent is sighted.

Eid Ul Fitr Namaz Rules In UAE 2021

eid ul fitr in uae
eid ul fitr in uae

Imam delivers the sermon of Eid, which is not done when the namaz is performed at home. The namaz can be done at home single or with a group of family members.

Muslims offer prayers facing Mecca in sacred places and buildings like Mosques.

Eid Prayers

Eid prayers also known as Salat al-Eid is the special prayers submitted to observe the two Islamic festivals in an open space for prayer. Prayers are held in large congregations on two festivals are

1.Eid al-Fitr

It’s observed on the first day of Shawwal begins after the holy month of Ramadan.

2.Eid al-Adha

It’s observed on the 10th day of Dhu al Hijjah after the Arafah, the day of Hajj pilgrimage season.

Eid ul fitr rules You Should Know

The heads of the Islamic community and scholars understand the significance of prayer or Salat differently. Salat al-Eid is mandatory as per Hanafi scholars. The one who is an expert in uttering the Quran would lead the prayer. Imam, a scholar will deliver Khutba in Mosques.  

Eid Namaz is done at home in the same manner as it’s performed in Mosques. The only difference between these two is that there would be no Imam who delivers Khutba or sermon at home.

The Eid namaz has two rakats, extra takbeers. Takbeer is one who utters “Allah hu Akbar ” in the namaz. Allah hu Akbar is an Arabic word that means Allah is great. In regular namaz, takbeer is chanted only once, but for the Eid namaz, Takbeer is supposed to chant 6times in two rakats.

Eid Ul Fitr Timing: The time for Salat al-Eid begins when the sun has reached its maximum level. It’s suggested to offer prayers at noon in the wee hours after sunrise.

Top renowned locations in India to observe Eid al-Fitr

Muslims in India celebrate the Eid ul Fitr festival with great curiosity and zeal. There are few places in India most Muslims visit to observe the Eid al Fitr festival.

1) Mecca Masjid, Hyderabad

Mecca Masjid is one of the largest prayer buildings located in Hyderabad, the capital city of Telangana. This building has the capacity to accommodate over 10,000 devotees in one go. During the month of Ramadan and on the festival of Eid al-Fitr day, so many devotees throughout the city offer prayers at this place.

2) Taj Mahal Mosque, Agra

Every year Taj Mahal draws a myriad number of devotees on the festival of Eid al-Fitr day across the city. It is free to enter the Taj Mahal on festival day. Hundreds of Muslims gather before the red sandstone masjid and offer prayers. If you would like to have a spiritual experience, then this is one of the best places to visit.

3) Hazrathbal, Srinagar

it’s the place where the sacred relic of Prophet Muhammad is accommodated. A thousand worshipers offer prayers at Hazratbal located on the banks of Dal Lake, Srinagar. Srinagar witnesses a festive look on festival day. The city is so hectic with people buying for the festival.   

4) Haji Ali, Mumbai

Haji Ali is one of the best places where the Islamic culture can be seen and depicted vividly. Apart from Muslims, people from other communities visit this place to offer their prayers on festival day.   

 Eid ul Fitr in India begins in the evening of Wednesday, 12 May 2021 till Thursday, 13 May 2021.

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