ADCB : Abu Dhabi Commercial Bank Complete Details

ADCB Bank Dubai : ADCB Bank which is called Abu Dhabi Commercial bank is situated in the UAE. The bank was established in the year 1985, as a public shareholding company. The Government of Abu Dhabi with the help of Abu Dhabi Investment Council(ADIC) holds 63% of share in the bank. The remaining share is held by other institutions and many other individuals. ADCB is one of the largest banks in UAE. Even in the terms of balance sheet size the bank offers a big range of commercial and retail banking services to its customers.

As per a report in 2018, The bank’s employ count is more than 5K people and it has more than 56 branches in the UAE. Recently, The bank announced merging with other banks like UNB which is Union national bank and Al Hilal Bank. Soon after merging with these banks. ADCB Bank has become the fifth largest bank in UAE with more than 1 Million customers.

The ADCB Bank is excellent in providing services for retail, commercial, Investment, Merchant brokerage, fund management and other bank related work as well. The bank is also active in the UK as well.

ADCB Bank Dubai Hayyak

ADBCB Hayyak is an app which has been made to make banking work more easier than before. This app can be really helpful in opening an ADCB account, and the app can be downloaded from the App Store or Google play store.

The Minimum regulation for this Hayyak app, that you should be an UAE resident and the account holder should be atleast 21 years or more. Hayyak puts you in the driving seat that means you can control everything in the app. Right from selecting the language, to choosing between current account and saving account. You can also choose between regular and Shari’ah complaint solutions. You can also apply for a personal loan, credit card, and you can also make online purchases as well.

ADCB Toll Free Number / Customer Care Number

If you have any bank related queries and problems then please contact the numbers given below.

Within UAE- 600 50 2030

Islamic Banking- 600 56 2626.

Outside UAE- +971 2 6210090

Every problem of yours will be solved by the customer care and the call centers are active 24/7.

How to check the balance in ADCB bank Dubai ?

ADCB Bank dubai
ADCB Bank dubai

If you have an account in the bank, and you want check your balance and you want a mini statement of your account. It is quite simple you can check in the app provided by the bank. If you don’t want have the app then enter BAL and then enter last six digits of your account and send it to 2626 from your registered mobile number. The bank will the balance details of your account to your mobile number.

If you have an saving accounts in the bank, Then it is not necessary to have minimum balance in your account. But if you have a current account in the bank, Then it is definitely necessary to have minimum balance in the account. Otherwise the charges will be claimed by the bank regularly. To know more about the charges and other details please visit the official site of the bank which is

The other best thing about ADCB bank Dubai they give Touch points to their customers. If you want to buy something online then this touc points will be quite helpful. All youi have to do is Login into ADCB Mobile App and Click on Touch Points. Then it will show how many Touch Points you have. Just click on Redeem Now and select your preferred redemption option. Finally just complete the transaction by using the Touch Points, Its as simple as that.

So these are all the details of ADCB Bank Dubai, and other important details. If you have any other queries and questions regarding the bank and other details. Please visit the bank website or call the toll free number. If we get any info regarding the banking details we will definitely update as soon as possible.

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