How to check du balance?in simple methods!

How to check du balance 2023 ?

If you have Du Sim card and you want to check about your package options, and how to check your Du data balance. There are various methods to do it. Here are the following steps which explains you how to check Du balance prepaid.
You can check your balance in Du prepaid Sim by different methods.

1.Dial *135* code.

dail code for due balence

The most simplest method to check

1.Du balance prepaid is by calling *135*.

2.By dialing this number you will be given a list of option to choose like Balance, Recharge & One2One, Special offers, International offers, Data Offers, Combo Offers, Roaming & VAS.

3.Choose the Balance option and click on OK.

4.Then the prepaid balance left the Sim card will be shown on your screen.

2.By SMS 

1.check your DU balance is to text “ Balance” to 1335.

2.When you send the text to the number mentioned above, you will receive a message with the balance left on the Sim card.

3.There are also automated messages which will be sent to you about your data usage and remaining balance available on Sim Card.

3.Through DU Application

DU has an official application which is available for Android users, and iOS users. This is one of the simplest ways to check your remaining balance.

1.First install the application and sign in to the Du mobile app.

2.If you don’t have any registered account, then you can create one for free.

3.Sign in to the DU Application and check your balance which will be shown on the screen.

4.You can also manage your data by using this amazing application.

4.Du Official website

Another simple method to

1.check your balance is by logging into the Du website.

2.All you need to do is enter user name and password on the website. Here is the website link:

3.You can also Login with the help of an OTP. The registration process is also quite easy.

4.Just enter your mobile number, landline number and click on Register that’s it.

5.Once you are logged into the website, you can see the remaining balance available on the Du Sim Card.

DU Postpaid Balance

If you are looking for how to check DU postpaid balance. Here are some steps to check DU data balance online with just a short code.

1.First write in a short message with the keyword “ Balance”

2.Send a message to 1335

3.When you send the message to this number, you will receive an SMS from the DU, and the remaining balance will be shown on the screen.

The other method is

1.Type in the message with the keyword “Rewards”

2.Send a message to 1223.

3.When you send the message to this number, you will receive an SMS with the remaining balance shown on the screen.

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