How to check abu dhabi traffic fines online? in simple way

How to check abu dhabi traffic fines online ?

The Abu Dhabi Police has created a comprehensive system for residents to check if any fines have been build up. Here is a step by step methods to check Abu Dhabi traffic lines.

Abu Dhabi Police traffic fines check

The easiest way to check Abu Dhabi fines online is via the Abu Dhabi Police’s official website Adpolice.Gov.Ae 

On this page you can search for the vehicle the fine is registered to by the traffic symbol, plate data and license information. All you have to do is select the option which is quite relevant to you, and then enter the details, and captcha code. Once you put in the relevant details, just hit the search and list of fines that are enlisted on your vehicle will appear. You can pay the amount from the same website too.

Abu Dhabi Mobile App

Abu Dhabi Mobile application is also a great option and it allows users to view and renew their driving licenses. If it is the first time that you are downloading the application then you have to create an account by entering the Emirates ID number and mobile number.

Once the registration is done, the next step is to register the vehicle’s details on the application. Once you have entered your vehicle’s details completely, the app will show the information about your fines which you can easily pay.

So this is how you can pay Abu Dhabi Traffic fines. Apart from this, you can also use Abu Dhabi Police app, and the Ministry of Interior app which are available on Google Pay Store and App Store.

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