How to get uae driving license copy online?in simple methods

How to get UAE driving license copy online ?

In UAE, Driving is taken as one of the important aspects. If you don’t have driving license while driving a vehicle it will cost you to pay fine or you will behind the bars. It will be based on the tickets which were previously given to you.

So it is important that if your license gets expired that you renew in quickly enough. The maximum renewal period you can get for renewal is just a month. If you don’t do renewal in this period of time then you have to face charges.

Here is how you need to check your driving license status.

The process of checking driving license status

It is not a long process as well, just 5-10 minutes of work is required to get the required information which is quite related to your

driving license. All you have to do is just follow these simple steps to get the driving license status.

1.First you have to open the traffic rta official website on your browser.

2.Then you will be redirected to an official page where you will see different details related to license and other important work.

3.Scroll down to the bottom and there will see Login ID/Password

4.First enter your Login ID and then the password.

5.After entering all the details correctly, Enter your driving license number.

6.You will be redirected to another official page where you can check the driving license details and download it from there.

There is another method which is called RTA Dubai App

1.First install the RTA Dubai App and if you are already a member just login into the app. Or else you can register.

2.There you will see the driving license details. Just enter your license number there.

3.A copy of your license will be displayed on the screen. You can download it directly to your device

 So that’s it. This is how you get the driving license copy in UAE. Just follow these simple steps and complete the process perfectly. We will get back to you with more updates.

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