Most Popular Hospitals List in Kuwait 2022

Hospitals List in Kuwait : Health care has become an important part of the country now. With the rise of Pandemic now, Every country are taking its own precautions and bringing their own methods so tackle it. So today we are going to see about the hospitals and other details in Kuwait

Kuwait has a state funded health care system which provides treatment without charge to holders of a Kuwait Passport. A public insurance scheme exists to provide reduced cost health care to non citizens as well.

Not only the government, But private health care providers also run medical facilities in the countries and it is available to members of their insurance schemes.

Kuwait invested in its health care during the times of Pandemic and the proportional rate was higher than the most other GCC Countries. The Public hospital sector also increased its capacity. Right now Kuwait currently has 20 Public Hospitals and 16 Private Hospitals.

Kuwait Government Scheme for Health and Welfare

Kuwait government has a Comprehensive scheme of Social Welfare. The ones who require assistance will receive financial assistance first and the loans are provided to the handicapped to start businesses. Even the disabled can get treatment and training and education is available for adult illiterates.

Kuwait’s Public health care sector accounts for more than 80% of the healthcare spending in the country. Kuwait’s Ministry of health is the owner, operator, regulator, and financer of most health care services. The government operates 15 general and specialized hospitals.

In the year 1976, The government established Kuwait’s reserve fund for Future Generations and it has set aside 10 percent of the state’s revenue annually for it.

Foreign Health Care in Kuwait

Health care services offered at Kuwait’s public hospitals are available for free to all the citizens of the country. But the foreigners have to pay up a certain annual fee to obtain the same standard of medical assistance in the country.

However, The foreigners should pay a separate fee for specialized tests like X-Ray and others. Many people have concerns about long waiting periods in Hospitals

Treatment in Kuwait

Kuwait offers free but quality health care. All Kuwaitis are entitled to free healthcare and medical treatment at government facilities. Some services like X-rays and Specialized tests are not free. These services come at significant cost and many are not offered by government facilities.

The Ministry of Health launched projects expanding hospitals and adding critical supplies like beds, operating rooms, and clinics. The Kuwaiti Government plans to meet its goals by 2030.

Top Hospitals List in Kuwait 2022


Hospital Name

1 )Dar Al Shifa Hospital, Beirut Street, Hawally, Kuwait
2)Kuwait Cancer Control Center, Al Sabah Medical District, Shuwaikh, Kuwait
3)London Hospital, Fintas, Kuwait
4)Badr Al Samaa Medical Center, Kuwait
5)New Mowasat Hospital, Salem Al Mubarak, Kuwait
6)Taiba Hospital, Sabah Al-Salem, Kuwait
7)Shifa Al Jezeera Medical Center
8)Al Seef Hospital, Salmiya, Kuwait
9)Kuwait Center for Mental health, Kuwait
10)Eljoun Medical Centre, Hawalli, Beirut Street, Kuwait
11)Alia International Hospital, State of Kuwait
12)Royale Hayat Hospital, Kuwait
13)Adan Hospital, Hadiya, Kuwait
14)Mubarak Al-Kabeer Hospital, Kuwait
15)Jahra hospital, Jahra, Kuwait
16)Al Zuhair Medical Center, Kuwait
17)NBK Children Hospital, Kuwait
18)Amiri Hospital, Kuwait City
19)Al Bahar Ophthalmology Center, Sabah Health Region, Kuwait
20)Al Ahmadi hospital, Kuwait
21)Al Salam International hospital, Kuwait
22)Jarallah German Specialized Clinic, Kuwait
23)Al Razi orthopedic hospital, Kuwait
24)Farwaniya Hospital, Subah An Nasser, Kuwait
25)Hadi Clinic, Hadi Hospital, Kuwait
26)Tb Saba Hospital, Kuwait
27)Jaber Al Ahmad Al Sabah Hospital, Kuwait
28)Kuwait Hospital, Sabah Al Salem, Kuwait
29)Mubarak Al-Kabeer Hospital, Kuwait
30)Al-Rashidh Hospital, Kuwait
31)Sabah Al-Ahmad Cardiac Centre, Kuwait
32)Sabah Maternity Hospital, Kuwait

So these are all the details of Kuwait Health Care System, treatment, Schemes and hospital lists. We will get back to you with more updates regarding this. Stay tuned.

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