Dubai Traffic Rules & Fines Updated List 2021

Dubai Traffic Rules and Fines List 2021

It is very important to know the Traffic rules and fines list when you have an vehicle. Especially in the busy and big places, Traffic rules are taken very seriously. So today we are going to see about Dubai Traffic Rules and Fines. Before we get into the details, It is important to remember that while driving on Dubai Roads you need to stay calm and make sure you follow the traffic rules and regulations to avoid accidents and which causes you to pay traffic fines.

So here is the list of Dubai Traffic Fines 2021.

Traffic Violation DescriptionFines Amount(AED)Black PointsVehicle Confiscation Period
Driving in a way that poses danger to driver’s life or lives and safety of others20002360 Days
Driving in a way that harms public or private propertiesDecided by Court2360 Days
Driving under the influence of alcoholBy court2360 Days
Driving under the influence of drugsBy Court2460 Days
Driving a vehicle without number plates30002390 Days
Driving a heavy vehicle in a way that poses danger to driver’s life and safety of others3000
Driving a heavy vehicle which causes damage to public or private property3000
Jumping a red signal by heavy vehicle3000
Heavy vehicle driver causing his or another vehicle to overturn3000
Heavy vehicle not following by lane discipline150012
Heavy vehicle prohibited entry10004
Falling or leaking of a heavy vehicle’s load300012
Failure to raise exhaust pipes in trucks1500
Not covering truck’s loads3000
Overtaking from a prohibited place by trucks3000
Driving a heavy vehicle that doesn’t comply with security and safety20006
Driving against traffic60047 Days
Entry from a prohibited place100087 Days
Driving a noisy vehicle200012
Driving a vehicle that causes pollution10006
Driving a vehicle without insurance50047 Days
Driving an unlicensed vehicle50047 Days
Driving with a driving license issued by a foreign country except in permitted cases10004
Driving a vehicle on a different license40012
Driving a vehicle with an expired registration50047 Days
Driving a vehicle with an expired driving license50047 days
Driving a vehicle that is unfit for driving500
Driving a vehicle with one number plate400
Number plates with unclear numbers400
Driving below the minimum speed set for the road4004
Sudden swerving10004
Reversing dangerously5004
Using a hand held mobile phone while driving8004
Any other distractions8004
Jumping a red signal by light vehicles10001230 Days
Jumping a red signal by motorbikes10001230 Days
Exceeding maximum speed limit by more than 60 Km/h20001230 Days
Exceeding maximum speed limit by more than 80 Km/h20001230 Days
Exceeding maximum speed limit by not more than 60 Km/h1500615 Days
Exceeding maximum speed limit by more than 50 Km/h1000
Exceeding maximum speed limit by more than 40 Km/h700
Exceeding maximum speed limit by more than 60 Km/h600
Failure to follow traffic policeman instructions4004
Overtaking from hard shoulder10006
Entering road dangerously6006
Overtaking in a prohibited place600
Running a way from traffic policeman(Light Vehicle)8001230 Days
Running a way from traffic policeman(Heavy Vehicle)10001630 Days
Causing death of othersBy Court2360 Days
Causing accidentBy Court2330 Days
Failure of a light vehicle driver to stop after causing accident500860 Days
Failure of a heavy vehicle driver to stop after causing accident10001660 Days
Allowing children under 10 years old to sit in the front seats400
Failure to provide a child car seat for children under 4 Years old400
Failure of driver to fasten seatbelt4004
Failure of passenger to fasten seatbelt4004
Failure to leave a safe distance4004
Entering road without making sure it is clear4004
Not giving way to emergency, police, and public service vehicles3000630 Days
Parking cars in front of fire hydrants10006
Parking in spaces designated for people with special needs10006
Stopping on the road for no reason10006
Stopping on the yellow box500
Parking on the left side of the road in prohibited places1000
Stopping at pedestrian crossings500
Parking behind other cars and blocking the way500
Stopping the vehicle on a road junction or curve500
Not securing vehicle while parked500
Parking in a wrong way500
Parking in a way that poses danger to passerby400
Parking in a way that interrupts movement400
Parking on pavements400
Writing phrases or placing stickers on vehicle without permission500
Exceeding permitted level of tinting1500
Tinting a vehicle not allowed to be tinted1500
Not giving way to pedestrians on pedestrian crossings5006
Failure to abide by traffic signs and instructions500
Littering from vehicle window while driving10006
Placing signs on the road in a way that causes harm to the road500
Modifying engine or chassis without permission100012
Rubbernecking and crowing at traffic accident scenes100030 Days
Using vehicle for undesignated purpose3004
Transporting passengers illegally30024
Transporting inflammable or hazardous material without permission30002430 Days
Exceeding passenger limit by a passenger transport vehicle5004
Failure to take road safety measures during vehicle breakdown5007 Days
Transporting passengers in a vehicle which isn’t licensed for the purpose1000460 Days
Failure of driver to wear helmet5004
Failure of passenger to wear helmet5004
Expired Tires50047 Days
Failure to use indicators when changing direction or turning400
Failure of a light vehicle to abide by lane discipline400
Poor Condition of car lights4006
Poor Condition of Indicators4002
Poor Condition of rear lights4002
Failure of pedestrians to abide by traffic signals400
Pedestrains crossing from undesignated areas400

So these are the traffic rules and fines list of Dubai. There are many other rules included as well.  Black Points are nothing but the points added to your driving license in case of traffic rules violation.

The Black point in Dubai is an indicator of your driving habits and history. By checking the black points in the UAE on your driving license, One can determine if you are a regular traffic violator or if have committed any notable driving errors in the past.

So this is all about Dubai Traffic Rules and Fines list 2021. We will get back to you with more updates.

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