A Complete Beginners Guide About Nol Cards 2023

Complete Guide For Dubai Nol Card 2023

Nol card : Nol card is a new type of smart card that enables you to pay for the use of various public transport modes in Dubai with a single tap. You can use this amazing cards to travel on Dubai buses, trams, marine transport, and also for paid parking as well.

Benefits of nol card

There are various benefits of a nol card and it is a smart card that allows you to pay for many services across Dubai such as public transport like Bus, Metro, tram, waterbus as well as Taxi, RTA paid, parking, Dubai public parks, Ethihad Museum, and 2000+ shops around the city.

Where to use nol card ?

Nol card can be used anywhere in Dubai. It can be used in public transports, museums, shops, super markets and paid parking places. Instead of using money, you can simply recharge this card, and make it useful for transactions.

What Are The Different Types of Nol Cards 2023 ?

A) Red Card

Red Nol Card is a smart card used in all transportation purposes means like Metro, Train, Bus, Taxi Vehicles, Parking meters, and for the non-transportation services like authorized sales agents, parks, and museums.

Features and fares of Red Nol Card

This Red Nol Card is only suitable for the visitors, and tourists visiting the same city and staying for more than 3 days. This card can be used only for metro, busses, and trains. For taxis travel you cannot use Red Nol Card. The Price of Red Nol card is AED 6 with credit worth of AED 4.

The top up limit can be used for a maximum of 10 journeys or 5 daily passes. The validity of Red Nol Card is 90days.

Where to buy Red Nol Card?

You can purchase the Red Nol Card at tickets offices, ticket vending machines, RTA customer happiness centers, authorized sales agents or you can buy online as well.

B) Silver Nol Card

The Silver Nol card is suitable for the regular travelers. It is valid for all RTA transportation in Dubai, and it is also one of the highest cards with top up limits. The price of Silver Nol Card is AED 25 with a credit worth of AED 19.

Features and Fares of Silver Nol Card

The amazing features of Silver Nol Card is that the balance can be loaded up to 1,000AED for non-registered users and 5,000AED after the registration in the system. You can purchase the card instantly from any ticket office or any ticket vending machines for only 25AED.

The credit worth of Silver Nol Card is AED 19, and the top up limit is up to AED 1000, and the validity of the Silver Nol Card is up to 5 years.

Where to buy Silver Nol Card?

You can buy the Silver Nol Card instantly from any Ticket office or any ticket vending machines for only 25AED.

C) Gold Nol Card

Gold Nol Card is suitable for all the passengers who want to have access to all the gold class seats on any public transport. It can be used on all modes of transport registered with RTA that are buses, trams, metro and others.

Features and Fares of Gold Nol Card

The Features of Silver and Gold Nol Card are quite similar. But the uniqueness of the Gold Nol Card is it gives you the private access to metro’s gold class seats for a premium fare. The Gold Nol card costs 25 AED that includes 19AED e-purse value.

The top up limit of Gold Nol Card is up to AED 1000, and the validity of the Gold Nol Card is up to 5 years.

Where to buy Gold Nol Card?

The customers can purchase a Gold Nol Card from the ticket office, and ticket vending machines. From the authorized sales agents, and you can also buy the tickets from machines available at all Metro Stations.

D) Blue Nol Card

Blue Nol Card is a personalized smart card with an e-purse included in it that can be loaded with up to AED 5000. You can enjoy getting the card immediately from any ticket office you want for only AED 70.

Features and fares of Blue Nol Card

The major benefit of using Blue Nol Card automatically calculates the cost of your trip and deducts it directly from your balance. It is valid on all modes of transport and also for Dubai Parks, and Museums, and shops.

E) Nol Personalized Card

The Nol Personalized Card is a Nol Card that is issued in the name of cardholder and features a personal photograph. The card is designed for frequent users of public transportation in Dubai who want a more personalized and secure way to pay for their trips. It is able to identify, and harder to misuse or steal

Fare Comparisons Of Nol Cards 2023

Types Of FaresSilver CardGold CardPersonal CardRed Card
Within 1 Zone3 AED6 AED3 AED4 AED
2 Adjacent Zones5 AED10 AED5 AED6 AED
More than 2 Zones7.5AED15AED7.5AED8.5AED
Students, Social Affairs, and Senior CitizensN/AN/A50%N/A
People of determinationN/AN/AFreeN/A
Children(5 Years old and below)FreeFreeFreeFree


Regular Passes for all Nol Cards 2023

ValiditySilver PassGold PassStudents PassSenior Pass
7 Days50, 80, 110 AED100, 160, 220 AED25, 40, 55 AED25, 40, 55 AED
30 Days140, 230, 250 AED280, 460, 700 AED70, 115, 175 AED70, 115, 175 AED
90 Days330, 550, 830 AED660, 1100, 1660 AED165, 275, 415 AED165, 275, 415 AED
365 Days1060, 1770, 2670 AED2120, 3540, 5340 AED530, 885, 1335 AED530, 885, 1335 AED.


if you want to recharge nol card then you will get lot of options like by visiting any nol centers or by online…etc. If you want to check rta nol card balance, then its very easy by visiting nol card official website RTA portal .

FAQ :-

1) Which is the best Nol Card?

The Red Nol Card is the best one because it is primarily used for the visitors visiting the city and staying for more than 3 days in Dubai.

2) What is the difference between Silver and Gold Nol Card?

The features of Silver and Gold Nol Card are quite similar but the advantage with the gold Nol card is that you will get access to the premium seats in the public transport.

3) What is the difference between Blue and Silver Nol Card?

The difference between the Blue and Silver Nol Card is that Blue Nol Cardholders is that with the help of Blue Nol Cardholders can secure card balance if the card gets lost or stolen.

4) How many types of Nol Cards are there?

There are four types of Nol Cards, and they are Red, Blue, Silver and Gold.

5) Who can get Blue Nol Card?

All the customers who are above 5 years are eligible to get the services of Blue Nol Card. All you have to do it give basic details and a photograph to the authorities.

6) What is NoL Plus Card?

NoL Plus card is a loyalty programme in which the members can earn points by spending with the help of nol cards or any channels such as public transport services. The Nol Plus cards can also be used for discounts and offers as well.

7) What is 80% NoL Rule ?

The 80% Nol Rule is an limitation that applies to REIT Nols, it doesn’t apply to the losses of the insurance companies. It is generated in tax years beginning before 2021, and it may differ from various federals.

8) What is minimum on Nol Card?

The minimum on an NOL card for customers using public transporation is 7.50AED.

9) Which Nol Card to be used first?

If you are planning to use the Nol card then begin with the Red Nol Card. Because slowly and gradually you will understand the usage of Nol Cards.

10) What is the age limit of Nol Card?

The age limit for Nol Cards is between the age of 5 and 23 years.

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