Dubai Lottery Ticket Buying Guide Full Details 2021

How to Register and Buy Lottery ticket at Dubai Duty Free Website

Lottery is nothing but winning some prize, It can be money, vehicle or anything. There are different types of lotteries available everywhere and today we are going to see how to register and buy lottery ticket at Dubai Duty Free website. Let’s dive into the details now.

In this article we are going to show you how to register online in the Dubai Duty Free website.

  1. First, You have to open the website Before that you have need to have an valid Email ID
  2. Once you get into the website, You will be welcomed with three options which are Click Here for Millennium Millionaire and Finest Surprise Tickets, Shop Online for Home Delivery within the UAE, Shop Online before you travel. Click on the first option, Buy Tickets.
  3. Then you will see the main interface of the website, On the upper right side of the website you will see Login Button. Click On it.
  4. After clicking on Login, You will be redirected to an page where you will see Login option and Register. As we are discussing about the Registration, Click on Register now option.
  5. In the Registration process, You can either register through Facebook and Google or you can fill out your details like Title, First Name, Last Name, Email ID, Password, Nationality, Country, Passport, Passport Number, Date of Birth. Accept the terms and conditions at the end and click on Register Now. You can choose between the passport and emirate ID because this will be used as the verification if you win the lottery.
  6. An verification code will be sent to your Email ID, Open your Email and look at the verification code and type it in the box and click on Verify.
  7. You are all set to buy a lottery ticket, You can go back to the home page and then you can see the different types of lotteries like Millennium Millionaire, Finest Surprise luxury car, and Finest Surprise Win a motorcycle. You can buy any ticket you want.
  8. If you want to participate in the Millennium Millionaire ticket, Click on the Millennium Millionaire Buy Now.
  9. Once you click on it, You will be redirected to another page where you will see all the details of the lottery like How much money will you win, What is the ticket price and how many tickets are available. The Ticket Price for participating in this lottery is 1,000AED. You can also see the Recent Winners of all the contests.
  10. Now click on the number of tickets remaining and you will be taken to an page where you have to choose a ticket from the Available tickets. There you can choose from All, Odd, Even and I’m Feeling Lucky. If you click on Odd and Even, The tickets which fall under those numbers will be displayed. If you click on I’m Feeling Lucky, A random ticket will be shown to you.
  11. It is better that you click on All, and choose the ticket. You will see the tickets still remained in the lottery. Click on any one of the ticket.
  12. On the other side, You will be shown your ticket number and Total price for your tickets which is 1,000 AED. Below that you will see different pictures like Bulb, Book, Umbrella, and an vehicle. The website will randomly ask you to Click or Tap on anyone of the pictures. You have to click on that picture, and then click on Proceed to Checkout.
  13. A small window will open up on the right hand side of the website, Showing your ticket number and amount details. Below there are two options, One is View Cart, and the other is Checkout. Click on View Cart.
  14. Once you click on the View Cart, The Ticket Number Details, and Amount Details are shown. A Vat of 5% will be applied on the Ticket. So you have to pay an total amount of 1,050 AED.
  15. If you haven’t filled out any details then a pop up will appear on the top. Fill out all your details like Mobile Number as well, So that if you win the lottery it will be easier for them to contact you.
  16. Once you fill out everything, Click on Proceed to Checkout. There you have to choose your Payment Method.
  17. You can pay using Credit or Debit Card, Enter all your Card Details like Name On Card, Expiry Month and year, CVV and Click on Pay now.
  18. Once you pay the amount, You have to click on My Account on the top right. Where you will see a drop down window click on My Dashboard.
  19. In your dashboard you can see your Pre-orders, DDF-Tickets, Wishlist and profile. If you pre-order anything you can get a discount of 5%. All your purchased tickets will be displayed in the dashboard.
  20. Many people are complaining that they aren’t receiving the tickets, Don’t worry you can contact to the customer care support which is Dubai Duty free customer service concourse B: +971(04)5053080, +971(04)5053075. You can also contact the Millennium Millionaire Super Visor. Ms.Mariven: +971(04)5053089. You can also contact them through social media official FB page as well.
  21. You have to wait for the lottery prize money announcement date, and if you are lucky then your number may get announced and you will win the lottery.

So this is all the process of Registering and Buying a ticket from Dubai Duty Free website. The other lotteries include Luxury car for participating in that you have to pay 500 AED and for the motorbike you have to pay 100 AED with VAT. These lotteries and other contests keep on happening in Dubai on a regular basis. If you are lucky then one time or an another you will definitely win the cash prize, luxury car or a motorbike.

So this is all about How to Register and Buy Lottery Ticket at Dubai Duty Free website. If we get any more updates regarding this topic, We will get back to you with more details.

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