Best way to check traffic fines in Ajman?

How to check traffic fines in Ajman ?

Ajman is the smallest emirate of the UAE with brilliant infrastructure. Ajman traffic fines are big dents on your pockets. It is important to know the complete details about Ajman traffic fines payments so that you can drive carefully and carry your conduct with caution on the road. So this is you can check the traffic fines in Ajman.

The vehicle owners with valid Ajman Driving License and they can pay Ajman traffic fines via Ministry of Interior(MOI) app which is available on the play store and app store. As well as Ajman Police app which is also available. The drivers can also pay Ajman traffic online payment on the MOI Official website. Here is what you need to do for it.

1.First register on the official website :

How to check traffic fines in Ajman

2.Once you register with your vehicle details. If there are any fines available which are registered on your vehicle then it will be visible on the screen.

3.You can do inquiry by Emirates ID, Vehicle Plate, Driving License, and enter the Text in Image and click enter.

4.Make sure that you enquire about your traffic penalties before making any payments.

5.You can use UAE Pass for signing up on the website.

So this is all about how to check traffic fines in Ajman. Just follow these simple steps and check your traffic fines in Ajman.

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