” B ” Letter Names For Boys- Musilm 2022

Baby Boy names starting with B Muslim | B letter names for baby Boy arabic with meaning

Looking for a boy’s name starting with the letter B? Don’t worry we have a list of names beginning with the letter B along with the meaning. So let’s check out the names shall we.

1BaahirBrilliant One
2BaashirLoyal One and Brave One
3BabarThe King
4BadrFull Moon
5BaadshahKing of Luck
6BahaMagnificent One
7BahadarThe Brave One
8BarakaatOne who is blessed with abundance
10BardiaThe Prince
11BaadiDistinctive One
12BaasimSmiling One
13BaasitOne who grants prosperity
14BadranThe Most beautiful One
15BahijCheerful One
16BahmanName of the month
17BahzName of Bin Hakkem
18BakhshGifted One
19BakhtawarLucky One
20BalaghAnother name for the Quran
21BarekThe Noble One
22BarirFaithful One
23BarlasStrong Willed One
24BarzinBrave and Handsome
25BatinSecretive Person
26BayazidA Historical saint’s name
27BehrozzThe Rich and the lucky one
28BilalName of the prophet’s Muezzin
29BishrJoyous One
32BarqashA charming bird’s voice
33BehnamHonorable One
35BuraydhaName of a place in Saudi Arabia.
36BalajShining One
37BabulGate of God
38BurakTo be strong and fast
39BismilWounded, restless
40BasitOne who enlarges
41BabiFollowers of the sufi saint bab
42BayazidName of a saint
43BasharBringer of Glad Tidings
44BinyaminName of the brother of prophet
45BasharatGood Omen Prophecy
47BurjZodiac Sign
48BakiOne who has a quick and analytical mind
50BasimThe Smiling One
51BahlolLeader of a Tribe
52BurhanuddinProof of the religion
53BaramThe Nation’s son
54BaidAnother name for God
55BedarCareful One
56BatalBrave One
57BakirEarly in the morning
59BukhariMuhammad ibn Ismail Al-Bukha
60BerniVictory Bringer
61BakthiyarLucky One
62BakhshGiver, To Grant
63BadruddujaFull moon of the dark night
64BadiuzzamanTimuri River
66Barq YarqShiny One
68BahirunA brilliant one
69BishahJoyful One


So these are some of the names beginning with the letter B along with their meaning. Hope you have liked these names. We will get back to you with more updates.

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